Our sustainable journey


For us, formulating great skincare isn't enough. We're here to help make this planet a better place, too. That starts by reducing our contribution to the climate crisis through materials sourcing, product development & shipping. Our end goal? Net zero emissions by 2030.

This is how we’re getting there:


Greenhouse gas reduction

We’re partnering with industry experts to audit our operations and help us define meaningful goals to reduce our climate impacts. That includes calculating & measuring our biggest emissions to be able to take the most effective actions to reduce our carbon emissions. This process is complex and will take time because we want to do it right. In the meantime, we are working on offsetting our carbon emissions. 



We’re aiming for recyclable, reusable or recycled packaging to help reduce virgin plastic use. All product cartons and shipping materials are made of FSC certified materials. Our shipping materials are also fully recyclable.



We prioritise sea shipments over air shipments for the transportation of our products. We promote transport by train over plane for business travel within Europe. Public transport is fully compensated and we provide bikes for our employees to use. We aim to implement eco-friendly transport and streamline our entire supply chain to minimise carbon emissions.

Offsetting carbon

From October 2022 Paula’s Choice has partnered with Cloverly to purchase verified carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions from the transport of each order placed via our website. These credits will fund biochar projects in Wales and Germany. In 2019 we began annually planting trees to help offset employee air travel. Since then, we’ve planted a total of 3,400 trees. 

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Sustainability is a journey which we are committed to. Please share your thoughts or questions with our customer care team. Follow us on our social channels to stay informed on our latest sustainable actions.